Click to Get Lance Briggs' JerseyLance Briggs calls in to talk about the feel-good win against the Eagles, how they prepared for Michael Vick, how Lovie Smith is motivating the team in the locker room, what Lovie is like as a play caller ("he doesn't care if the other team knows what we are running"), Briggs' upcoming comic book charity event, the big turnover at the end of the first half, and Briggs' big interception late in the game against the Vikings.

Lance Briggs with Boers & Bernstein on WSCR 670
LISTEN to the STREAM - 2010-11-28- Lance Briggs Interview

Click to Get Charles Tillman's JerseyCharles Tillman tells what he was asked to do against Michael Vick, and Tillman compares Lovie Smith's consistency and repetition to John Wooden's preparations at UCLA. Tillman reflects on if he has received enough credit for his ability to force fumbles, at what point this season the defense realized that they were exceptionally good, and how badly he wants to get back to the playoffs.

Charles Tillman with Boers & Bernstein on WSCR 670
LISTEN to the STREAM - 2010-11-30- Charles Tillman Interview

Click to Get Cutler's Home JerseyThe thrill is still palpable as Jay Cutler truly led the Bears to victory against the powerhouse Eagles. Yes, the defense was outstanding yet again, but the true story was the transformation of Cutler's play for the full 60 minutes, even with an offensive line that continues to disappoint. It was a tough, bruising game, and I was pleased that the referees let both teams play a physical game. Again, this is a huge victory for the entire Bears team, and my hope is that Cutler, Smith, Martz, and the defense rides this growing confidence into December (a month that, in years past, has brought down Bears teams that looked to be playoff bound). But let's forget the negativity, bring on Detroit, New England, Minnesota, the Jets, and Green Bay!

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Bears Post-Game Press Conference & Interviews

by BearsGuys on November 29, 2010

<a href="" target="_new" title="">Peppers, Bears slow Eagles</a>

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Click to Get This FleeceJurko uses his old Green Bay connections to get a call from Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid. The interview is a pure love-fest, but the guys finally ask some questions about the game on Sunday and receive the typical answers. Reid is asked what has changed to make Michael Vick an MVP-caliber player, what he fears about this Sunday's game, his reaction to fellow NFL coaches being fired mid-season, but again, most of the interview consists of Jurko and Reid rehashing their love for each other.

Andy Reid with The Afternoon Saloon ESPN 1000
Interview Starts at 16:30 (Towards the Beginning of the Broadcast 16 Minute and 30 Seconds Mark)
LISTEN OR DOWNLOAD - 2010-11-23- Andy Reid Interview

Israel IdonijeIzzy Idonije talks about the difference between this year's defense and last year's defense, the skepticism about the Bears 7-3 record, what Julius Peppers continues to bring to the team, the fact that all the defensive ends have been signed via free agency, finding his starting spot on the defensive line, and his charity work in Africa.

Israel Idonije with Mully & Hanley WSCR 670
LISTEN to the STREAM - 2010-11-22- Israel Idonije Interview

Click to Get A Cutler Jersey NowJay Cutler calls in to tell what set off Brandon Marshall, his reaction to doubters who think that the Bears are an overrated 7-3 team, Urlacher's impact on the defense, and what happened with the offensive retooling during the bye week. Cutler clarifies his "learning from it" response to his interceptions, his love for Martz's newfound respect for roll-out plays, what the hell his old coach Mike Shanahan is doing with Donovan McNabb, getting ready for the Eagles on Sunday, and what it's like to be in a celebrity relationship.

Jay Cutler with Waddle & Silvy on ESPN 1000
Interview Starts at 2:03:30 (Towards the End of Broadcast at the 2 Hour & 3 Minutes Mark)
LISTEN OR DOWNLOAD - 2010-11-19- Jay Cutler Interview

Click to Get This Julius Peppers Throwback JerseyJulius Peppers claimed three of the team's six sacks as the defense pounded a Dolphins team that never found its rhythm. Although Jay Cutler had a few "what the hell is he doing?" moments, Cutler did control the game incredibly well paired with almost 100 rushing yards from Matt Forte. It's a shame that the Bears could only muster one touchdown, but this game was a total domination and just what the team needs as it prepares to next play Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Bears Post Game Press Conference after Dolphins Win

November 19, 2010
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Mike Ditka Interview – “Sunday’s Game Against the Vikings Will Define the Season for Both Teams!”

November 12, 2010
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Ditka reflects on The 25th Anniversary of the Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears Reunion and his personal highlight of reuniting with Buddy Ryan. An hour special is being compiled from the big event that will be shown on NBC soon. The guys also discuss the upcoming game against the Vikings and the situation with Coach [...]

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